Monday, April 27, 2009

Coast Guard Kids Celebration Day

The kids got to get on board a 25 ft. Patrol Boat
  Coast Guard Island opened itself up today specifically to celebrate our kids and the sacrifices and challenges they face with this lifestyle.  Being part of the Coast Guard Family is unique, we are an intimate community that faces unique challenges even compared to other branches of the Military.  My kids have an amazing way of adapting to it all and have pulled through beautifully.  They amaze me more and more everyday! This day was all about the kids with a day of fun including tours, petting zoo, bouncy houses and food.  Matt was able to break away and join us in the festivities even. It feels so good to know our sacrifices are recognized and appreciated!
Feeding and petting the animals.
H-65 Dolphin Fly by and landing...
Gabe loved being in the Pilot's seat... did Maddie!

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