Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independnce Day

So much tradition comes to mind with this holiday, watching my hometown, parade filled with vintage cars, high school rival bands, veterans, and fire engines, while enjoying cream cheese danishes and coffee from the same bakery my dad enjoyed as a child. I come from a small town filled with small family businesses who proudly fly our Country's flag outside their windows. The mainstreet in Bothell, WA is intimate with lots of charactor. The "mall" consists of a cafe, a clockshop and a few artsy places. At least 20 years I've camped out on those sidewalks to get a curbside seat, but it is time to begin making new traditions that we can take with us wherever our Journey brings us...

We enjoyed a morning parade locally in "Old Town" Tracy, CA. this year. This town is unique and very patriotic. Flags are everywhere, yellow banners hang from street lamps with local deployed service member's names printed on them, this place reminds me alot of my hometown. The parade was great, bubbles, clowns, candy for the kids, firetrucks, and so much more entertainment! Oh and we found a little coffee shop that served cream cheese danishes, mmm! The rest of our day consisted of scooters, water balloon fights, BBQing, fireworks, smores, beer and celebrations with our neighbors on the court.

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